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COVID-19 in Maps

Understanding COVID-19 Through Maps

Data Engineering

Analyzing the Syrian Prime Minister Government of 2020

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COVID-19 in Maps
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Interactive Reports

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Data sceince solutions for startup
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Data Science

With the help of data science, you can easily predict the useful measures and various trends for the success of your business.

Machine Learning

Helping you to leverage this technology in your strategic business thinking.

Artificial Intelligence

The ability to lead informed, strategic decision-making by integrating key AI management and leadership insights into the way your organization operates.

BI Implementation

BI implementation allows you to transform data at hand into actionable insights for both strategic and tactical business decisions.

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InformaGENE Mission

We help our clients in their complex, voluminous and time-consuming operations and data processing requirements. We enable them to focus on their core competencies that can positively impact their bottom-line results.

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About Company

InformaGENE Vison

To efficiently execute data collection, we are equipped with all the extensive web research and data analysis skills.

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Our Work Process

Data science solutions for startup


Frame the Problem

To take a trivial example, which idea of ever undertakes.


Collect the Data

Best every pleasure is too welcomed every pain avoided.


Process the Data

Have to be repudiated annoyances accepted the wise.


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We keep our self updated with latest trends

As a solution providing company we offer a range consulting, development quality testing services with 100% satisfaction.

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